A Summary of Marvel Movies

Marvel rule #1 the only person who stays dead is uncle ben



Cangel Appreciation Week

→One Scene or Underrated Moment

Cordelia: “Finally! I thought I was going to faint while barfing! Okay. (she dabs at the wound with a piece of gauze and Angel flinches) Sorry. So, it’s over, right? We’re going to be okay. You put the fear of god into that Russell guy. (tapes a piece of gauze over the bullets hole) He’s not going to come looking for me, right?”

They all just look at each other.

[cont next scene]

Russell: “Angel. - We do things a certain way here in LA.”

Angel: “Well, I’m new here.”

Russell: “But you’re a civilized man. We don’t have to go around attacking each other. Look at me: I pay my taxes. I keep my name out of the paper, and I don’t make waves. And in return I can so anything I want!”

Angel puts one foot on the chair between Russell’s legs and leans forward: “Really. Hmm. Can you fly?” Pushes the chair backwards into the wall of windows behind Russell. Russell crashes through the window. He falls down screaming, catches fire and turns to dust.

Angel hears the scream cut off: “Hmm. I guess not.” Walks out sticking the lawyer’s business card into the front pocket of his jacket.

Cut to the empty chair and glass hitting the side walk.

I think that at first glance, a lot of people might not read this as a Cangel scene. And maybe that is why I like it so much. Because it is so subtle to me. Yes, Angel and Russell were pretty evenly matched and yes, Angel ran when the bodyguards came. But who is to say Angel wouldn’t have just waited, watched, gone after Russell when he was alone? This is the first episode! However, it’s the next scene, right after Cordy expresses fear that she is in danger, that Russell might come for her. So Angel, Dean of the School of No Planning, takes Russell on in a room full of witnesses and lawyers. I like to think he did this out of concern, to protect Cordelia. (Plus we also get the first of many Cangel touches and patching-ups.)

She’s probably the first person in LA who’s been nice to him without an ulterior motive. Even Doyle’s doing it because of the Powers. But Cordy talks to him at a party and yeah, she’s Cordelia about it but she still does it, just to be nice. And then she helps patch him up even though it’s gross. Right about then he’s probably thinking about the last time he saw her; gross and covered in ash and soot from the remains of her high school but she was alive, she was a survivor. And no vampire (one who’s probably not even that big a deal. I mean come on, Angel was the Scourge of Europe. He nearly ended the world) is gonna take that away from her. Not if Angel can help it.



Feminist Graffiti from the 1970s [x]

I haven’t seen this in a while. It never gets old.



Feminist Graffiti from the 1970s [x]

I haven’t seen this in a while. It never gets old.

"Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized at last how much she wanted him. No matter what his past was, no matter what he had done. Which was not to say that she would ever let him know, but only that he moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him."
— F. Scott Fitzgerald, A New Leaf  (via feellng)








so i bought this ring that has a little hinge and it opens up to a tiny secret box hidden under the gem and my mom told me that women used to put poison in it and then SLIP POISON INTO PEOPLES DRINKS and i was like NUH UH THIS CANT BE REAL and i just googled it and guys this is like a real thing

people are psycho

I have a few of those. I think they’re really neat!

classiest way to poison someone hands down

That’s how it all goes down in Hamlet, poison ring.

I’ve always, always wanted one of these because I have pure peppermint liquid that can ruin a drink with one drop and just kargfksernjskrn I want one.

wait why does everyone want one of these

what are all of you people planning

i regret making this post because i have been getting the creepiest reblogs in the universe seriously tumblr u scary

"I am fucking insane but my intentions are gold and my heart is pure."
— in a nutshell (via bl-ossomed)



there are five frogs staring at me right now

but only one can be america’s next top model




On a scale from the winter soldier


to ronan


how intense is your eyeliner